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Our Work

The Los Angeles Jewish Community has already begun working to memorialize and rebuild the destruction and severe loss in Kfar Azza in gatherings and fundraising events.


LA Times: Hamas militants destroyed the kibbutz; these SoCal residents mourn and help rebuild

by Brittny Mejia

"On Oct. 7, the kibbutz — which was founded in the 1950s — had been scheduled to hold an annual kite festival. Community members had planned to take their kites, with messages of peace, up on a hill and fly them above the nearby Gaza border fence. But then the missile attacks started."

The Free Press

Interview with Maya and Dvir Rosenfeld 

and Bari Weiss

Hanukkah in Kfar Azza

Thanks to generous donations, we were able to distribute over 240 physical gifts to members of Kfar Azza, 160 digital gift cards, 20 spa treatments, 50 restaurant gift cards, and more to the residents of Kfar Azza.

Volunteers handed out each gift to parents in Kfar Azza to give to their children. Each gift was matched directly to the child or adult's request.

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